Jan 20, 2009

Snapter Ice - Use your digital camera as a mobile scanner

snapter_logoThere are occasions when we need to take a copy of a document or a book but we don’t have a scanner in hand. However, if we have a digital camera, we could take a snap of the document which can work as an emergency replacement for a scanner. But the image shot using a digital camera is nothing like that you get from a scanner.

Snapter Ice is a software that can help you convert your digital photos of documents to achieve near scanner like results. The software automatically crops, stretches, flattens, and process pictures of business cards, documents and whiteboards into more usable forms.

Snapter makes camera photos look like scanned documents. For example, it can produce sharp flat-looking copies from images of curved book pages.


Likewise, most camera images of documents or books tend to be skewed or taken from an angle. But snapter takes care of all that for you. Snapter rotates, crops, stretches, sharpens, improves colour, and creates a PDF for you.

With Snapter, you can use your digital camera to capture information around you that matters: receipts, business cards, whiteboards in a classroom, posters in a conference, a menu at your favourite restaurant, or even books in a library. Just take a photo of the document, run it through the Snapter software and you will have an output that looks like it has been scanned through a flatbed scanner.

Snapter is free to try and remains functioning after trial. The program is fully functional during the first 14 days. After that, the output contains some tagline and a light watermark.

Visit Snapter Website

Jan 16, 2009

Put your photo on a magazine!


Fake magazine covers and comics with your picture
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Jan 12, 2009

SUMOPaint: Edit Photos In Your Browser Online


SUMOPaint is a light weight yet a very comprehensive online image editor that allows you to upload and edit photos in browser without installing or downloading anything. You can upload an images from your computer or grab them directly from the web address. The application offers most of the general features that software like Photoshop, or Paint.NET have.

edit photos in browser

edit photos online in your browser

In addition to the powerful image editing, SUMOPaint also has a very nice image sharing community where you can share your images and rate hundreds of of images shared by other users.

Here’s an overview of main features:

  • Edit photos online in your browser
  • Work with layers, layer effects and filters to create rich images.
  • Shape tools, gradient tool and transform tool for quick editing.
  • Rich text editor tool that allows you to use all the fonts in your computer.
  • A number of useful image editing options to enrich your images.
  • Save your images to your computer or to your SUMO account.
  • Add to your image to the SUMO Paint gallery to share with other users.
  • Also see MakeUseOf article on 5 Powerful Online Image Editing Tools.

Check out SUMO Paint @ SUMOPaint.com (Contributed by Tehseen Baweja from Ijaar.com)