Jan 19, 2011

Drug Rehab in California : List of Centers for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

List of common addictions:
Alcohol Addiction
Ambien Addiction
Ativan Addiction
Cocaine Addiction
Codeine Addiction
Crack Addiction
Darvocet Addiction
Demerol Addiction
Dexedrine Addiction
Dilaudid Addiction
Ecstasy Addiction
Heroin Addiction
Hydrocodone Addiction
Lortab Addiction
Marijuana Addiction
Meth Addiction
Methadone Addiction
Morphine Addiction
Opium Addiction
Oxycontin Addiction
Percocet Addiction
Ritalin Addiction
Ultram Addiction
Vicodin Addiction
Xanax Addiction

List of Centers for rehabilitation programs for these Addiction Treatment which are:

Sunrise Recovery

Sober Leaving by Sea



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